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The book is here

(and I'm not ugly crying)

This is not an unboxing video, this is a post-unboxing video so I could be at least somewhat composed. You Could Make This Place Beautiful is here! I still can’t get over the touching secret hiding underneath the book jacket: my handwriting on the spine. I had no idea! I love it.

Thank you to my editor Julia Cheiffetz and the whole magic-making team at One Signal and Atria, who’ve been with me through Keep Moving, Goldenrod, Keep Moving: The Journal, and now this memoir. Special thanks to Jimmy Iacobelli for this miracle of a cover. I can’t get over it.

The book is out April 11, but you can preorder it right now. Do you have a minute to do that while it’s fresh in your mind? You can preorder here, or just call or stop by your favorite indie bookshop and support them, too. Win-win. Indie bookstores are part of what make this life dear.

I know I’m a broken record about preorders, but I’m a broken record about them because they matter. When bookstores get preorders, the book is on their radar. Think of preordering as a way to make a little noise on the book’s behalf and help it find its way to more people.

Ok, I’m going to go let this sink in a little. Take care out there.

Happy writing (and reading!)—


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