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I work in the administrative side of a university, so the work never stops, sadly. No summers off here. However! A particular joy of late is that I finally buckled down after 8 years in my house and painted my living room the deep pink of cherry buds before they open in the spring. It is a delicious color that lifts my heart every time I look at it. This last weekend I also hung a huge chunk of my art collection and all of the disparate art that I've collected over the last thirty years pops so beautifully in there. It is a visual feast, that will carry me through the long Upstate winters.

My anticipatory joy is that I rented a lake house for my kids and my partner and I for a week in the second half of August. There are kayaks and bikes and two fire pits. I have a pile of books, both electronic and paper and I bought two muumuus, because seriously, I'm going to Mrs. Roper it right up. Lay about, drink tasty bevvies, read, and enjoy my kids being themselves-- all with a beautiful view. I can't think of anything more joyful.

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I love this. Joy! For me, today:

Seeing yellow goldfinches on my purple cone flowers. The books I’m reading (your memoir!, Tales of the City, The Creative Act). Homemade vegan muffins. An essay that’s finally ready to be submitted. Jose Gonzales & Sinead on vinyl.

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I’m soaking in the time with my son. The community pool is his favourite and he swims like a fish :)

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I took a flash fiction workshop with Cheryl Pappas this weekend: Joy to write after so long, joy to challenge myself, big joy to share the creative process/feedback with so many other writers.

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